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Stetter M3 | 135 m3/h

With a compacted concrete production capacity of up to 135m3/h, the Stetter M3 batching plant can support large-scale projects. It consists of an in-line hopper with 6 slots for aggregates, transported to the Stetter Double Shaft mixer by means of a skip with a weighing system.

Production capacity: 135m³/h

Mixer: Double Shaft Stetter DW 3.0B

Bunker type: Line

Skip: Yes

Aggregates: max. 63mm

Aggregate weighing: max. 6750kg

Water weighing: max. 900kg

Cement weighing: max. 1800kg

Weighing additives: 2 x 20 liters

Types of cement: max. 4

Types of aggregates: max. 6

Connected load: 350 KVA

Foundation type: mobile / fixed


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